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Archive The Vichy Government by Lise de Balière | 53 | 77.1 MB The Forgotten Month: How a Private Used Google, Spies, and Soldout Morons to Destroy the CIA Abdul Manan is the US-based veteran publisher of Private Media. He is the founder and CEO of White Mountain Press, a company that serves as a platform for authors of non-fiction. Manan has authored some books on spy novels as well as a two-volume history of the Algerian War. Today, he talks with me about his research, writing, and the information wars that are raging. Abdul Manan: Today, we're talking about my article in The Daily Beast about the way Google has changed the way we think about the Iraq war. I've talked with people who say they got duped. These are all people who actually were interviewed by the New York Times. They got into the program and they told us they were seeing Iraqi resistance fighters. They were in fact guerrillas. Google took them through the checkpoints, took them to Saddam Hussein's palaces, took them to all these places and they were told they were doing a research project. Google did not question their claims. They did not ask them if the places they were visiting really existed. If they were fighting in those places. All they wanted to know was: Did you get there in a taxi? If you were moving on foot how far did you walk? Did you pass through any town and what were you looking for? So they'd take them through a beautiful place that was full of the largest, most beautiful flowers you've ever seen. All of a sudden they'd get to the edge of this beautiful garden and here comes the Iraqi soldier with his rifle. He's looking at them and all of a sudden he's yelling at them to get back. So Google would take them away. They would not tell the person that they were doing this, that they were not going to see this place. They would take them through it and then they'd send them back. Abdul Manan: And that's what all the people I talked to told me. They were just tourists. They did not have any connection with what they were doing. So it doesn't make sense. The narrative is that Google got these people into Iraq and sent them out there to do a Google Earth project. Abdul Manan: They were not sent out on the street to do a Google Earth project. They were sent out with the explicit goal of

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