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DraftSight 4.2.2 Crack [Mac/Win] DraftSight is the essential software for all your design projects. It's easy to use. It's powerful. It's responsive. And it's packed with great tools to help you design smarter. DraftSight is also the most intuitive CAD software on the market and it provides the best integration with third-party applications, including Microsoft® Office (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint). With DraftSight, you get a full suite of professional-grade tools and features in a fun and easy-to-use interface. You'll be up and running in minutes. Use DraftSight to start any project. Create 2D and 3D drawings for prototyping and manufacturing with DraftSight. And import.dgn,.dwg,.dwgx,.dxf,.dwgx,.dgn, and.eps file formats from industry standard software such as AutoCAD® (and more). And connect DraftSight to your cloud-based file services to collaborate with coworkers and clients across the globe. DraftSight Features: *Toggle - assign a shortcut to your favorite tool, whether it’s a button or a shortcut in the toolbar. You can even customize the toggle for your favorite tools. *Search - find the tool you need in a flash. *Zoom - zoom in and out of your drawing with the flick of a mouse. *View & Tabs - toggle between the model, sheets and drawing window, and create new layers and blocks. *Auto Crop - automatically crop any web page to the desired view area. *Tilt & Pan - move the view around in the drawing window with the mouse, or use a hot key to move the view with a simple click. *Image Tabs - open photos, web pages and PDFs in their native format. *File > Import - automatically import documents in a.dgn,.dwg,.dwgx,.dxf,.dwgx,.dgn, and.eps format. *Graphical Units - quickly find out where everything in your drawing is. *Layers - create layers for different sections of a drawing, like Models, Textures, Elements, Text, and Drawing View. *Extensions - get access to over 30 existing extensions (including 3rd party) from your My Extensions page. *PDF - view PDF documents without having to download them. * DraftSight 4.2.2 Download For PC users, DraftSight is a CAD-focused program that enables you to make 2D and 3D drawings for designing and manufacturing. It includes different functions and a lot of tools to help you unleash your creativity and achieve outstanding results. While the main program is of a familiar interface, DraftSight offers a level of customization to make you go beyond. You can easily export your project and all the work you did to different formats, including.dgn,.DGN,.jpeg,.png and.bmp. Furthermore, it allows you to import vector images, such as.eps This is a huge plus because it facilitates a faster processing, as well as increased clarity. Another great benefit is the possibility to convert 2D images in full 3D geometry, which is achieved via the Sheets functionality. It also offers you the option to apply the look and lighting of a 3D image to a 2D drawing. The DraftSight interface includes multiple tabs to help you navigate your projects quickly. For instance, the Design tab allows you to draw on a sheet, add objects to it, and then apply those lines to the model. Then you can create 3D geometry on your sheets by hand or from imported images. The Models tab helps you put all the work you did on your sheets to work. It offers you the option to import and export drawings, design on sheets or on the model, adjust a lighting and shadows of your project, and much more. When you want to get more into a drawing, the Components tab can help you render accurately. Here, you can add segments, curves, and rings to your project. Finally, the Layouts tab is extremely convenient if you want to add your drawings to an autocad or a sketchup file. DraftSight has an extensive list of layouts that you can apply on your sheets, making you save hours of work. How to Install: 1. Add DraftSight to your list of applications. 2. Drag the downloaded file to the desktop. 3. Double-click the file. 3. Double-click the program’s icon. 4. Run the program. 5. On the main window, click Help. 6. On the help page, select the installation guide. 7. Click Next. 8. On the welcome screen, select the Continue button. 9. Enter the program's license information in the User Agreement box. 10. Click the Install button. 11. Wait until the program finishes installing. 12. Restart your computer. 13. Enjoy your new tool. Support: For Support, please contact the author of this software: Possibilities Inc. Email: [email protected] P.O. Box 4923 Carlsbad, CA 9 8e68912320 DraftSight 4.2.2 Crack+ Free DraftSight software provides 3D modeling functionality for 2D drawing models and enables users to import, modify and export existing 3D models and turn them into 2D models that are required for 2D drawings. 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